An EOP First-Year Aggie Connection

First Year Aggie Connections

Join a First Year Aggie Connections (FYAC) to build community with other EOP students. Each FYAC is led by a career staff and is themed by their personal interests.

Fall EOP Connections

Category is: RuPaul's Drag Race Extravaganza

The theme of this FYAC would be to review episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race, critique and analyze the episode as we view the episode and engage in a dialogue about how having RuPaul's Drag Race impact mainstream media has had on the LGBTQIA+ Community and the heteronormative culture in the U.S.

We Write Wednesday (WWW)

We Write Wednesday (WWW) meets the first 8 Wednesdays of the fall quarter. The last connection we will host an Open Mic to showcase our work. Each 60 minute session includes reading from one of two books, Bird by Bird and Poem Crazy, followed by writing time and sharing.

How to Join an EOP Connection

To join a connection, visit the First-Year Aggie Connections page on the Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services website.