STEP will work continue to work remotely and Summer STEP 2021 will offer two virtual sessions.

Current STEP Students

STEP students

Past Summer STEP

STEP strives to ensure a smooth transition from high school to UC Davis by continuing programming into the academic year. First and second year programming focuses on helping student find community, become involved and learn vital skills to continue to succeed for the remainder of their time at UC Davis.

Responsibilities as a STEPper

STEP Students benefit from four quarters of priority registration. This means that students register early for courses. However, in order to maintain priority registration, STEPpers are required to complete a few requirements.

  1. Students are required to meet with their PAC for the registration of those four quarters to ensure that STEPpers are on track to complete graduation requirements.
  2. STEPpers are also required to join a First Year Aggie Connection (FYAC). Connections help students build relationships with other students in a specific area of interest. Visit the OEOES website for more information on FYAC.
  3. Finally, STEPpers are required to meet with Zelene Molina, the STEP Coordinator during their first two quarters at UC Davis. Please reach out to Zelene through email if you have any specific questions regarding this requirement.

Freshman Foundations (Year 1)

During their first year, all STEP students will continue building on the academic and social skills they acquired during summer STEP while integrating into the campus community. This is done through:

  • Participation in a First-Year Aggie Connection
  • Meeting with STEP staff at least once per quarter
  • Attending STEP/EOP sponsored events

Sophomore Success (Year 2)

During the second year, students refine the academic and social skills implemented during their first year while fostering personal growth and professional preparation. This is done through:

  • Referrals to various campus programs and services
  • Meeting with STEP staff for retention advising
  • Attending STEP/EOP sponsored events