Other Campus Resources

AB 540 and Undocumented Student Center

Built on the foundation of educational equity and opportunity, the AB540 and Undocumented Student Center at UC Davis strives to empower undocumented students, their families and members of the community in being informed leaders and active participants in our communities. The Center strives to educate and build awareness of changing policies affecting California's undocumented population. We acknowledge that immigration status is one aspect of an individual’s identity that does not solely define a person or their capacity. We promote a holistic approach to recruitment and retention of students in higher education, taking into account a student’s mental, emotional and financial well-being.

Academic Advisors

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic college and major/minor department advisors to discuss course planning, academic difficulty and degree progress. Appointments can be made from the Academic Appointment System.

Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers (AATC)

All AATC services are organized by subject and for many courses, students have options like one-on-one tutoring by appointment, drop-in tutoring, asynchronous resources, co-classes and workshops. Select a subject to see what is offered or to book an appointment. AATC services are included in student fees, so there is no additional cost to use tutoring.

Academic Retention Initiatives

The Academic Retention Initiatives at UC Davis comprise four multifaceted programs whose purpose is to:

  • Promote academic success among marginalized student populations.
  • Empower these students to engage the full measure of opportunity available at the university.
  • Grow as individuals and find a sense of belonging and the support they need to realize their aspirations.

Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center

If you are a UC Davis student facing challenges accessing adequate food, stable housing or financial resources, you're encouraged to complete this form. Our Basic Needs Coordinator will email you to schedule your consultation call. Your call will provide you an opportunity to discuss resources, services and programs that may be available to you on and/or off campus.

Center for African Diaspora Student Success (CADSS)

The Center for African Diaspora Student Success (CADSS) is a space for African and African American students to engage together in all aspects of life on campus. CADSS provides tools and resources that support students' developmental transformation, empowering them to maximize their potential and positively impact the UC Davis campus.

Cross Cultural Center (CCC)

The Cross Cultural Center (CCC) stands as a prominent identity resource center within the state, known for its size and influence. With a dedicated and passionate team, the CCC boasts a diverse group of +25 student staff, supported by 6 full-time career staff and a thriving volunteer program. By means of engaging events, innovative programs, and a welcoming community space, the CCC actively facilitates the growth of individuals' perspectives and empathy. Rooted in a storied past, the CCC's operations are guided by a set of six core values, shaping its mission and vision.

Center for Chicanx/Latinx Academic Student Success (CCLASS)

At El Centro, you will find friendly staff members who provide academic advising, counseling, internship & career services, tutoring, as well as formal and informal opportunities to interact with Davis faculty and staff members invested in your academic success. There are many ways to stay connected, build community, and empower your academic journey through campus resources. 

First Gen Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Student List

Find a list of UC Davis faculty, staff, and graduate students who identify as first in their families to attend and graduate from college!

Global Learning Hub

Global learning at UC Davis is a combination of local, regional, national, and international experiences which develop key skills, knowledge, and networks that help you build global awareness, engage global diversity, and pursue collaborative and equitable global action. Many First-Gen students have studied abroad and/or participated in one of our many other exciting options on campus, abroad and away. Explore the resources below and reach out to us with any questions.

LGBTQIA+ Resource Center

The purpose of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center (LGBTQIA+ Resource Center) is to provide an open, safe, inclusive space and community that is committed to challenging sexism, cissexism/trans oppression/transmisogyny, heterosexism, monosexism and allosexism. We recognize that this work requires a continued process of understanding and dismantling all forms of oppression. We are committed to this process both in our work and in the structure of the Center itself. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center promotes education as well as space for self-exploration about all sexes, genders and sexualities and their intersections with other identities. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center values and honors that we are complex, multifaceted and whole individuals. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center is a dynamic, responsive and collaborative organization that serves UC Davis and the surrounding region by providing a growing spectrum of programs, resources, outreach and advocacy.

Office Hours With Your Professor or TA

If students are struggling with a specific course that does not offer tutoring, we encourage attending their professor or Teaching Assistant’s office hours. Professors post office hours on their class syllabus or are available by scheduling an appointment.

The Pantry

The Pantry is a student-run, student-led organization that provides free food and other basic essentials to UC Davis students and staff who would like support in acquiring food and other basic necessities. Located in the Memorial Union, the Pantry is operational seven days a week throughout the year!

Middle Eastern North African and South Asian (MENASA) Student Resources

The Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian (MENASA) Student Resources unit is not only about building a community that supports and empowers you but also honors you and your respective story. For students to find success and fulfillment, we understand the campus must value all your cultures, identities and experiences. When you are recognized as a whole, unique person, the new adventures and challenges you encounter only strengthen you and our UC Davis community.

Native American Academic Student Success Center (NAASSC)

Given the rich diversity of our Indigenous community, we strive to make UC Davis a place where all of our identities are celebrated. Some of us have grown up in our tribal lands. Some of us are finding our way home.  No matter where Native and Indigenous students are in their level of connection or identity, this is their community. We honor your achievements and we work to support your personal and academic journeys. The Native American Academic Student Success Center (NAASSC) is focused on creating a sense of belonging for Native American students in a culturally appropriate way. Our community includes students, staff, faculty and alumni from a wide variety of tribal backgrounds, experiences and academic interests.

Resource Page for First Gen Students

This website was set up to let you know that you're not alone; in fact, many of your professors have faced the challenges of being first-generation students and gone on to become researchers and teachers -- there are nearly 400 first-generation faculty at UC Davis. Their stories and advice are offered as points of connection for you.  And what they'll tell you is this: ask questions. Ask for help. Talk to your professors. Visit office hours. Trust your instincts. You don't have to know everything. Participate. Be open to the opportunities you encounter here.

Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC)

The Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC) stands for educational equity. Our student-run and student-initiated programs created by students, for students, foster holistic, academic and personal development while raising political and cultural awareness for youth and college students. We educate, engage, and empower students to act as dynamic leaders for their communities so that we can all transform knowledge into action.  (excerpt from SRRC website)

Study Abroad for First-Gen Students

Did you know that 42% of UC Davis students identify as First-Gen? You are not alone here at UC Davis and just like on campus, the Global Learning Hub at UC Davis wants to make sure you have all the information and access to participate in Global Learning opportunities available through the Hub. Many First-Gen students have studied abroad and/or participated in one of our many other exciting options on campus, abroad and away. Explore the resources below and reach out to us with any questions.

Study Skills and Learning Strategies

Workshops cover time management, academic skills and goal setting topics. All workshops are 50 minutes. No sign-up/RSVP is required to attend. Get bi-weekly reminders about upcoming workshops by joining their listserv, or spot our day-of workshop reminders by following their Instagram stories.

University Honors Program (UHP)

The University Honors Program (UHP) at UC Davis provides students with an enriched undergraduate education through its interdisciplinary curriculum.  Students work closely with distinguished faculty to create a vibrant community of scholars dedicated to pursuing academic excellence. UHP students are inspired to take intellectual risks, assume campus, community and global leadership roles, become agents of positive social change, and build and pursue inclusive excellence through critical and close partnerships with faculty, staff and their peers.

Undergraduate Research Center (URC)

Whether you are interested in laboratories or libraries, at UC Davis you can get hands-on research experience. And you’ll be working with top-notch faculty mentors and some of the best graduate students in the world. Undergraduates are encouraged to dive into research at UC Davis. You can do it through internships on campus, at the UC Davis Medical Center, with local industry or under the guidance of a professor. (excerpt from URC website)

Women’s Resources and Research Center (WRRC)

The Women’s Resources and Research Center provides opportunities to promote gender equity in the UC Davis community. Although womxn make up the majority of students on college campuses, they still navigate issues of hostile campus climate, sexism and genderism. The WRRC hopes to achieve our vision - a world in which gender equity is achieved and people of all genders, specifically womxn, transgender, non-binary and people with marginalized genders - have the opportunities and support to realize their full potential.

Strategic Asian and Pacific Islander Retention Initiative (SAandPIRI)

SAandPIRI is a conduit of support for Asian and Pasifika scholars as they navigate the university. Diverse programs and services provide culturally-specific support in order to empower and promote the successful degree completion of scholars who identify within these diasporas.

Transfer Rentry Center

Transfer and Reentry Center (TRC) assists all transfer students (junior college or community college to UC Davis, UC to UC Davis, out of state to UC Davis) and reentry students (25+ years old, student parents or caregivers). At the TRC we address the needs and concerns of the whole student. Whether your questions focus on academics, adjusting to UC Davis, or finding a referral to address specific issues and concerns, make the TRC your first stop and consider it your home while at UC Davis.