Academic Support

EOP students have access to Peer Advising Counselors (PACs) and Academic Success & Retention Specialists who work collaboratively to facilitate student academic, social,and personal success at UC Davis.

Productive advising relationships emerge when students collaborate with EOP staff to identify strengths and barriers and craft a plan for their success. 

Drop-in Peer Advising 

Peer Advising Counselors (PACs) directly assist students with EOP’s offered programs and services including how to:  

  • Create a schedule
  • Choose General Education (GE) classes and how to fill out a GE chart
  • Decide on a major
  • Change an academic major, how to declare a minor
  • Understand university and major requirements
  • Check your EOP status
  • Balance academics, finances, co-curricular activities, family commitments and life
  • Find appropriate campus resources
  • Find where to go and who to talk to for specific needs and interests

Drop-in peer advising is available in-person during EOP’s regular hours of operation with the exception of finals week, university holidays/breaks, and EOP special events. 

Career Staff Advising

EOP Academic Success and Retention staff assist students in achieving academic, social, and personal goals, fostering both academic success and a sense of connection to the UC Davis campus. Academic Success and Retention staff also work closely with academic colleges, campus departments and financial aid officers when advising EOP students.

  • A Holistic Advising appointment is a one-on-one meeting with Academic Success and Retention staff to help EOP students: 
    • Identify academic and career interests
    • Learn how to effectively use advising tools and resources (i.e., General Catalog, OASIS, tutoring services)
    • Develop plans for academic major and life after graduation 
    • Budget and plan for academic, basic needs, and other personal expenses
    • Discuss how to balance academic, work, and family commitments
    • Learn strategies for self-care for physical and mental wellbeing
  • A Learning Strategies appointment is a one-on-one meeting with Academic Success and Retention staff for targeted development of study skills. A full list of Success Workshops is available on the OEOES website.
  • Action Week is offered during weeks 7-10 of each academic quarter and is designed for students who are at risk of failing one or more classes. During Action Week students can drop-in or schedule a 15 to 30-minute appointment with Academic Success and Retention staff to develop a plan for holistic success.
  • A Tutoring Request appointment is a one-on-one meeting with career staff to discuss your interest in receiving one-on-one tutoring offered by the Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers. EOP financially supports one-on-one tutoring for students on Academic Probation or Subject to Dismissal and repeating a D or F letter graded, unit-bearing class. To be eligible to receive one-on-one tutoring, EOP students are required to meet with a EOP Academic Success and Retention Specialist or the Assistant Director. 

Academic Success and Retention Advisors and Specialists are available to meet with EOP students in-person and virtually. Schedule an appointment using the links below.

Lauren Cristobal, EOP Academic Success & Retention Specialist
Book an appointment with Lauren at or

Teresa Hernandez, EOP Academic Success & Retention Specialist
Book an appointment with Teresa at or

Vacant, EOP Academic Success and Retention Advisor

Lending Library

The Lending Library offers books, goggles, lab coats, graphing calculators and i-clickers for students to loan for the quarter at no cost to students. The Lending Library also offers graduation caps and gowns for graduating seniors to loan for graduation ceremonies and to take pictures to commemorate their time at UC Davis. With the exception of graduation caps and tassels, all Lending Library items must be returned at the end of the quarter they are checked out or students will be charged a fee to their student account. Dates for graduation gowns are set upon checkout given that there is a shorter turnaround time for returning graduation gowns. For a full listing of current materials to check-out, please visit our lending library website or copy and paste this link:  

Testing Supplies

EOP students can come into the Center and receive scantrons and blue books completely free of charge. Students can receive up to two scantrons and two blue books per day. A UC Davis Aggie Card is required to receive free testing supplies.

Academic Supplies

EOP students can come into the Center and use free blank white paper, engineering paper, small lap-size whiteboards and markers, and a large whiteboard. The Center has a black and white printer available for use; printing jobs will be billed to your student account at the end of each term. Please note the lap-size white boards and markers must remain in the Center.