Academic advising

Advising and Academic Support

We offer two types of advising in the EOP Cottage: peer to peer advising, which is where students will meet with a trained PAC to advise them short-term on academic and campus resource referrals. The second is career staff to student advising, which is where students will receive more holistic and ongoing support from career staff.

Peer Academic Advising

Peer Advising Counselors (PACs) can assist you directly with most of EOP’s offered programs and services.

  • Creating a schedule
  • Choosing GEs, filling out a GE chart
  • Change of major, declaring a minor, deciding on a major
  • Understanding university and major requirements
  • Requesting CalFresh verification forms
  • Checking EOP status
  • Peer counseling
  • Finding appropriate campus resources
  • Referrals to other campus partners based on student's needs and interests

Career Staff Retention Advising

Retention Specialists, can support students with ongoing academic, social and personal concerns that may be preventing academic success or connection to campus.

  • Action Week is designed for students on AP or SD or for students who are failing one or more classes. Action Week offers 15-30minute drop-in appointments with an EOP Retention Specialist. Action Week is offered during weeks 7-10 of the quarter.
  • A Learning Strategies Appointment is a 1-1 meeting with a Retention Specialist for targeted development of study skills. Please see full list of Success Workshops on the OEOES calendar.

Drop In-Tutoring

Due to COVID 19 and physical distancing requirements, in-person drop-in tutoring at the EOP cottage will not be available during the fall quarter. Please contact an EOP retention specialist via email to request tutoring.

Lending Library

The Lending Library offers books, goggles, lab coats, and i-clickers for students to loan for the quarter at no cost to students. The Lending Library also offers graduation gowns for graduating seniors to loan for graduation ceremonies and to take pictures to commemorate their time at UC Davis. All items must be returned at the end of the quarter they are checked out or students will be charged a fee to their student account. Dates for graduation gowns are set upon checkout given that there is a shorter turnaround time for returning graduation gowns.

Testing Supplies

EOP students can come into the Cottage and get free scantrons and blue books completely free of charge. Students can get up to 2 scantrons and blue books per day. Aggie Card is required to receive free testing supplies.

Other Campus Resources

  • Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers
    Description and link to Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers
  • Study Skills and Learning Strategies
    Description and link to Study Skills and Learning Strategies
  • Office Hours With Your Professor or TA
    If students are struggling with a specific course that does not offer tutoring, we encourage attending their professor or TA’s Office Hours. Most professors post their hours on the class syllabus or available by scheduling an appointment. Please talk to your professor for more information.
  • Academic Advisors
    Students are also encouraged to meet with their college/major advisors to discuss academic difficulty and the effect it can effect degree progress. Appointments can be made from the Academic Appointment System.