Arturo González speaking to students

About the Pre-Law Academy Cohort Experience

The González Pre-law Academy cohort experience is a 1-year commitment that begins one year before you apply for law school. The cohort experience will focus on exposure, preparation and network building and will offer a variety of services and resources including a summer boot camp experience. The cohort will accommodate up to 30 students at any given time. Services are outlined below.


  • Class and seminar series
  • Advising with a pre-law advisor
  • Writing support/tutoring
  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT) preparation, including a summer boot camp
  • Assistance with law school applications, including personal statements
  • Financial support for law school applications
  • Guest speakers and presentations by law students and professionals in the field of law
  • Trips (dependent on COVID restrictions), including visits to law offices and/or court sessions
  • Partnership with the Internship and Career Center (ICC) to explore internship opportunities
  • Workshops to strengthen interviewing skills and resume writing
  • Post-graduation advising and support for law school applications and LSAT

Application Information

Cohort Eligibility

  • Full-time undergraduate student enrolled at UC Davis
  • A minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • Must be considered junior or senior status by the time program begins

Cohort Expectations and Requirements

  • Willing to devote themselves for the program’s duration, including a possible summer session
  • Able to participate in a weekly fall quarter seminar series